Terms of Reference


ALO 116 – Albanian National Child Helpline ALO 116 is a national service that aims to help children through phone counseling and the referral of cases to the governmental and non-governmental institutions that provide services for children. The helpline provides services to children through telecommunications and outreach activities while providing a wide range of critical services, including active listening, counselling and referral services or direct intervention. The underlying principle of the helpline is the protection of children. This service is made posible throught two numbers 116 111-Albanian national Child Helpline and 116 000-Albanian Helpline for Missing Children. ALO 116 services are funded by the UNICEF office in Albania.

The child helpline plays an important role in the protection of children from abuse and violence. For many children, the child helpline is the first point of contact with any kind of child protection, serving as critical gateways to help and support.  ALO 116 provides active listening, counseling and referral services to children who suffer abuse and violence. Perhaps more than any other child protection mechanism, they are able to listen to protect and report on the needs and issues of children and young people everyday 24/7. Through a simple and free phone call, children can contact a professional to whom they can report abuse and violence. The service of ALO 116 is important because is easy-to-access, anonymous as a mean of reporting accurately on abuse and violence, supporting victims with counseling and referral, and calling attention to gaps in the child protection systems.


ALO 116 sicne its establishment has been operating with the support from UNICEF and other external donors. Regardless many attaempts, it has been so far impossible to secure a stabile financial support from the national/state sources, which keeps ALO116 service very fragile in terms of long-term sustainability. In 2017, ALO116 attempted to review its future operational model, however the assessment was not detailed enough and it also lacked a preper assessment of the current business and operational model (including, through review of costs and budget). In collaboration with UNICEF at the end of project cycle in 2017, it was therefore agreed to bring this important task to closure as soon as possible through engaging a high level external expertise and also learning from international best practices. Hence, to meet these resolution, ALO 116 is planning to engage a dedicated consultant to assess its current operational model, and design/improve it cost effectiveness and overall sustainability.

It is also anticipated that more cost-effective structure will make ALO116 advocacy attempts, to obtain the state funding, more likely.


The proposed assignment will be divided in to two parts, covering:

  1. Comprehencive Assessment of the Service (Business Model + Budget/Costs);
  2. Recommendations for the imporovement of its Cost effectiveness and Efficiency.

For the (1) Comprehencive Assessment of the Service (Business Model + Budget/Costs), at least the following components must be reviewed, however this list might be expanded:

  • Operational structure (roles and responsibilities, job description, supervision and controls);
  • Staff’s capacities vis-à-vis their roles and job descriptions;
  • Service protocol, including (if available) child protection and data protection protocol/safegurads in the organization;
  • Data capturing software/mechanism;
  • Data storage, maintenance and safeguarding;
  • Costing/Budgeting of the service.

It is expected that the assessment will make use of combination of desk review as well as primary data collection and analysis, to ensure information triangulation and its complementarity.

For the (2) Recommendations for the imporovement of its Cost effectiveness and Efficiency, at least the following components must ellaborted on, however this list might be expanded:

  • Full range of specific recommendations vis-à-vis the assessment findings as per 1st part of this assignments;
  • More specific suggestions related to cost-effectiveness of the service, i.e. Which costs can be reduced and how? Which costs are unnecessary? Which other avenues may be explored to diversify funding of the service.


DELIVERABLE 1 – Inception Report (in English)


a)              Rapid analysis of all relevant documents and other available information provided by ALO116 or others;

b)              Finalise list of the areas for assessment;

c)              Develop methodology for the assessment;

d)              Draft the Inception Report (in Word format); 

e)              Inform key stakeholders and collect feedback through a dedicated workshop/meeting;

Duration:  Semptember 2018 - Semptember 2018

Actor:  contractor

Completion time  Semptember 2018


DELIVERABLE 2 – Draft Assessment Report (in English)


  1. Organize activities/meetings/interviews as needed for the assessment;
  2. Draft the Assessment report and submit it for comments;
  3. Incorporate the comments received;
  4. Organize a workshop to present the preliminary findings of the Assesssment to ALO116 and UNICEF.

Duration:  Semptember– Semptember 2018

Actor:  contractor

Completion Date:  July-Sempetember 2018


DELIVERABLE 3 – Draft Report and Recommnedations (in English)

a)              Draft final list of recommendations and submit it for comments;

b)              Incorporate the comments received into final report;

c)              Organize a workshop to present the report and recommendations to ALO116 and UNICEF.

Duration:  July– Semptember 2018

Actor:  contractor

Completion Date:  End Semptember 2018


The exact dates for starting and ending the contract will be negotiated upon awarding the contract.

  • Tentative starting period: July 2018
  • Foreseen finishing period or duration: 30 Semptember 2018
  • Location(s): Tirana, Albania


The estimated cost of the consultancy will not exceed 2700 USD


  • Univcersitry degree in Public Administration, Law, Human Rights, Social Policy, Psychology or related field;
  • Excellent analytical skills, ability to synthesize and clearly present complex processes and issues related to child protection/child helpline/reporting on child abuse neglect and/or exploitation;
  • The experts to be involved should have knowledge and experience of international standrads on children’s rights and child protection;
  • Excellent written and spoken in English;
  • Excellent report writing and human relation skills;
  • Demonstrated experience of conducting similar assessments.


The applicants must submit to:

  1. Detailed CV of the consultant to be engaged in the implementation of the assignment;
  2. Proposed methodological approach, including: Limitations, risks in conducting the assessment and the proposed mitigation measures; timeline for major milestones.
  3. Examples of similar work done in the past.
  4. Financial proposal (as a separate document not included in the overall package) specifying the total budget estimated in USD. The financial offer should also include all other applicable costs.


  • ALO116 will provide the necessary spport for the preparation and implementation of all tasks described in this assignemnt;
  • ALO 116 will make available all project documents of relevance to this project, both public and confidential in project files.
  • ALO 116 will make all personnel that have worked at ALO 116 available for consultation. 
  • Support the consultative process of the experts from different stakeholders (identified in consutlation with UNICEF) and provide support in organisaing meetings and workshops.

The deadline for submission of applications is June 29th, 2018, 17:00 hrs. Applications should be sent by e-mail to the following address: