Tirane, 20 Maj 2017- The Albanian National Child Helpline  /ALO 116 , one of the main organizations for the protection of adolescents and children's rights and Pink Embassy,  introduced the concept of the "National Helpline Line for Adolescents and LGBTI Youth". The presentation took place within the support ALO 116 has given during the week of IDAHOT and the 8th Diversity Festival  for LGBTI rights in Albania.

The meeting took place at the Tirana International Hotel and was mainly focused on two key moments. At first, the participants were introduced to the concept "National Helpline for Adolescents and Young People from the LGBTI Community" and secondly, the Cooperation Agreement was signed between Pink Embassy and the Albanian National Childhelpline ALO 116.

PINK Embassy, based on the findings of the first report on adolescent and young people's discrimination on sexual orientation and gender identity in public education in Albania, joined forces with the Albanian National Child Helpline to work on setting up such an important service for the wellbeing and protection of adolescents and LGBTI youth. The national helpline’s expertise will help the PINK team and volunteers  learn how to support adolescents and their families in crisis situation, at risk or in need for protection.

The LGBTI Adolescent Helpline will be a confidential, supportive and empowering service for them as well as relatives, friends, teachers, psychologists etc. The Helpline is a 24/7 service for all LGBTI teenagers from all over Albania and provides proactive and coordinated support for all the problems and concerns they face in their lives.