Albanian National Child Helpline  ALO 116

Project Title:

ViolEnd (School response to End Violence against Children)


Design of booklets on protecting children from abuse and violence in school

Time frame:

17-26 July 2019


ALO 116 – Albanian National Child Helpline ALO 116 is a national service that aims to help children through phone counseling and the referral of cases to the governmental and non-governmental institutions that provide services for children. The helpline provides services to children through telecommunications and outreach activities while providing a wide range of critical services, including active listening, counselling and referral services or direct intervention. The underlying principle of the helpline is the protection of children.

ALO 116, in the framework of sub-granting scheme of the project “Strengthening Civil Society to Prevent and Protect Children from Abuse and Violence in Albania” implemented by Terres des Hommes in partnership with ANTTARC, is implementing the project ViolEnd (School response to End Violence against Children).


Albania has made remarkable efforts in recent years to establish the fundamental pillars for the Child Protection System. The core legislative and policy framework around child protection was significantly reinforced in 2017, with the adoption of the new Law on the Rights and Protection of the Child and the Criminal Justice for Children Code.

However, the entire system is in its infancy and requires significant support, especially at the service delivery, level.Every child deserves to be safe and secure in school, so that they can learn and develop their skills, confidence and education outcomes

The project ViolEnd aims to enhance education and child protection systems in pre-university schools in Tirana so that they are sensitive, responsive and inclusive of children and adolescents.


As part of this project, ALO 116 will produce high quality materials designed to increase pupils, teachers, and parents’ awareness on protecting children from abuse and violence in schools. The contracted expert should have experience in designing high quality and accessible communications and advocacy materials.

The selected expert must be able to:

  • Show innovative designs capable of transmitting child protection from violence and abuse messages
  • Respect and reflect ALO 116 identity and branding;
  • Produce high-quality work at a good cost-value;
  • Work hand-in-hand with ALO 116 Coordinator of the project ViolEnd
  • Start work immediately following the allocation of contract.


The booklet will be:

  • Informative: The informative material will be provided by the Coordinator of  ALO 116.
  • Engaging: The brochure should capture the viewer’s attention and leave them with a better understanding of the theme under discussion and inspired to get involved.
  • Creative: Creativity will be highly valued and we anticipate that a small number of infographics will need to be created to represent some of the messages.


Develop the booklet’s overall concept with the Coordinator  

By 17th of July 2019

Propose 2 different visual options for the booklet

 18-23 of July 2019

Delivery of the copyright and final booklet (High quality print in PDF & web, JPG, Vector

By 26th of July 2019


  • Work Experience and Technical Requirements;
  • Strong background (at least five years) in professional graphic design for print and online media
  • Advanced knowledge of technical requirements
  • Own equipment provided


  • Ability to produce high quality, relevant and creative graphic design
  • Proven ability to understand and convey complex messages
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Attention to detail


  • Detailed CV of the consultant to be engaged in the implementation of the assignment;
  • Examples of similar work done in the past;
  • Financial proposal specifying the total budget estimated in EUR

The deadline for submission of applications is July 10, 2019, 17:00 hrs.

  • Applications should be sent to: Linja Kombëtare e Këshillimit për Fëmijët alo 116 in the address: Rr. Perlat Rexhepi, Pallati ANA, Ap. 18, Kati 7, Tirane

The bids should be put in an envelope, specifying: Design of booklets on protecting children from abuse and violence in school” on behalf of ALO 116” for the project ViolEnd

In the subject of the email should be written: Design of booklets on protecting children from abuse and violence in school” on behalf of ALO 116for the project ViolEnd