On World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse, ALO 116 111 invites the Minister of Health, Social Protection and UNICEF to speak with children

Tirana, 19 November 2018 - On the World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu and Representative of UNICEF Albania, Roberto De Bernardi, held a meeting with representatives of the "Children's Board" of the Albanian National Child Help Line - ALO 116, where they talked about the child protection system.

Mrs. Manastirliu, after dialoguing with the children themselves who describing the cases for which they are obliged to address ALO 116 111, emphasized that any neglected child should have immediate protection.

"To respond to a child who needs help is more than a duty, it is the moral responsibility of each of us, so it is important to directly hear from them the needs, demands, desires to create a system where we all are together , which protects the children, is acting quickly, in order to protect the highest interests of children, "said Manastirliu.

While UNICEF representative in Albania mentioned ALO 116 as a key mechanism for Albanian child protection system. Mr. De Bernardi expressed the pleasure of UNICEF for the assistance it has provided for the consolidation of ALO 116 as a unique service for children in Albania.

Director of the National Child Help Line Mr. Mirgit Vataj highlighted that "ALO 116 is a key point of the child referral services system and works to improve the child protection system through advocacy and support a system that responds to children in need of care and protection."

The children in conversation with the Minister and UNICEF representative, gave the message that in the face of phenomena such as bullying, violence and neglect, exploitation of child labour or their trafficking, National Help Line ALO 116 111 is their best friend and psychologist .

Later, the Minister of Health and Social Protection answered for few minutes of phone calls with the kids getting acquainted with their concerns and desires. Appreciating the work done by ALO 116 111 for the protection and addressing of every child problem, she stressed that "Local and Central government, donors all together should work every day to create a safe environment for every child because for us children are the first ".

During these 10 years, the National Help Line ALO 116 111 hosted more than 666,269 calls from which 15,765 issues were dealt with. Only during this year were managed by the Child Protection Units 1105 children who needed protection from violence and abuse.

The "I Talk to Children" activity came in the wake of some activities that will take place within the framework of the Children's Rights Week in cooperation with the State Agency for Children's Rights and Protection.