Albanian National Child Helpline  ALO 116

Project Title:

ViolEnd (School response to End Violence against Children)


Traineer for the implementation of two trainins sessions for Tirana’s psycho-social staff in pre-university education system


October - November 2019


ALO 116 – Albanian National Child Helpline ALO 116 is a national service that aims to help children through phone counseling and the referral of cases to the governmental and non-governmental institutions that provide services for children. The helpline provides services to children through telecommunications and outreach activities while providing a wide range of critical services, including active listening, counselling and referral services or direct intervention. The underlying principle of the helpline is the protection of children.

ALO 116, in the framework of sub-granting scheme of the project “Strengthening Civil Society to Prevent and Protect Children from Abuse and Violence in Albania” implemented by Terres des Hommes in partnership with ANTTARC, is implementing the project ViolEnd (School response to End Violence against Children).


Albania has made remarkable efforts in recent years to establish the fundamental pillars for the Child Protection System. The core legislative and policy framework around child protection was significantly reinforced in 2017, with the adoption of the new Law on the Rights and Protection of the Child and the Criminal Justice for Children Code.

However, the entire system is in its infancy and requires significant support, especially at the service delivery, level.Every child deserves to be safe and secure in school, so that they can learn and develop their skills, confidence and education outcomes

The project ViolEnd aims to enhance education and child protection systems in pre-university schools in Tirana so that they are sensitive, responsive, and inclusive of children and adolescents.


As part of this project, ALO 116 intends to contract 1 (one) trainer, who will hold 2 (two) training sessions with Psycho-social staff of Tirana pre-university education system focusing on the recognition of the national legal aspects on child protection from violence and abuse in school, as well as case management, treatment and referral.


The training aims to strengthen the capacities of the psychosocial staff of Tirana pre-university education system in order to increase their capacities in prevention, identification, and management of cases of child violence and abuse.

To achieve this goal, the training, that will take place in 2 sessions, will equip the participants with knowledge on:

  • The main legislative and policy framework on child protection, specifically the "Law on the Rights and Protection of Children", as well as the Decisions of the Council of Ministers on the effective implementation of the Law and responsibilities of each actor deriving from this law, the "Criminal Justice for Children Code " .
  • Recognition of mechanisms at central and local level in function of inter-institutional cooperation for case management, treatment, and referral.
  • Drafting a protocol for case management, treatment, and referral and data collection.


  • Knowledge of the legal aspects in force for the protection of children and adolescents from violence, bullying and abuse in school
  • Knowledge about case management, treatment, and referral and data collection


The contracted expert will work in close contact with the project Coordinator and shall take into consideration the following responsibilities:

  • Develop the training manual in accordance with the purposes of this training;
  • Develop training sessions within agreed deadlines and work schedules;
  • Receive feedback from stakeholders involved in training reflecting their needs and requirements
  • Report and draft a summary document on the development of the training sessions



Preparation of the traning module

By 11th October 2019

Implementation of the training sessions and deliver the final report

By 15th November 2019


  • University degree in the field of legal sciences, social sciences, applied sciences,
  • Have at least  5 years of experience in developing trainings and providing technical assistance;
  • Extensive knowledge on children's rights, national and international legal aspects
  • Knowledge of the 18/2017 law “On the Rights and Protection of Children"and DCMs; "Criminal Justice for Children Code "
  • Very good knowledge of the framework of legislation for inter - sectoral operation and case management;
  • Good knowledge of the National Agenda for Children's Rights 2017-2020;
  • Possesses excellent skills in computer usage, report drafting;
  • Able to work independently and organize the issues envisaged in the work plan;
  • Previous collaborative experiences with ALO 116;
  • Teamwork experience and innovative ideas;


The interested applicants are invited to send through email

  • CV;
  • Letter of interest;
  • Methodology to be used for the implementation of the tranings;
  • Finnacial offer

In the subject of the email should be written:Traineer for the implementation of two trainins sessions for Tirana’s psycho-social staff in pre-university education system”- on behalf of ALO 116 project  ViolEnd

The deadline for submission of applications is October 11, 2019, 17:00 hrs.

The selection of the expert will be based on the level how the application meets the requirements set in this terms of reference.